g648 granite quarry factory


G648 , light brown pink granite , it is suitable for various inner and external project.


Own G648 granite quarry and factory in quarry area .

Main products:

G648 road kerb, G648 granite pavements , paving stone are mainly used for sidewalks, squares, parking lots , yard , garden , park etc.


Surface : polished , flamed , Honed, Antique , Bush hammered, Natural split


Size (CM): 50x50x4, 40x40x4, 20x10x8, 60x60x3


G648 granite slabs, flamed surface and polished surface are mainly used for indoor and outdoor stair steps, floor covering , external walls, inner wall panels


Size (CM): Length 240 cm up , width 60, 65, 70, thickness 2 cm, 3 cm


G648 granite cobble stone: 10x10x10, 8x8x8


G648 special-shaped stone for indoor and outdoor decoration